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Lesa Montagna –

Spiritual Catalyst and Energy Coach

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Lesa Montagna is a certified Holistic Health Practitioner and founder of Intuitive Energetics. She started her healing journey back in 1990 after reaching an all time low point in her life.  Struggling with depression, drug addiction and  feeling worthless after years of sexual abuse,  she woke up one day and asked herself, “Is this all there is to life?” That question set into motion a Divine intervention  of healing and a journey of self-discovery that continues to this day. 

Leaving her corporate job to explore alternative methods of healing, her studies led her to various modalities including meditation, astrology and massage therapy to name a few. Through this, she discovered the amazing benefits of energetic healing and it is here where she found her home in the healing arts. She has been working energetically with clients since 1999. 

Lesa cares about her clients deeply and never wants them to feel the isolation and despair that she felt all those years ago. Many of her clients come to her with health issues or emotional issues or trauma that they can’t seem to let go of. Some also feel the need for change or guidance and aren’t interested in pursuing traditional methods of counseling or therapy.

 As an empath and intuitive with the ability to “feel” her clients’ energy fields, she works with them on a multi-level approach helping them to find balance and peace within themselves. She also helps them to discover their own truths and find  ways to balance being a spiritual seeker in a fast paced world. 


Lesa facilitates group events and teaches classes in personal development and self-awareness as well as practitioner courses and certification for her Intuitive Energetics techniques. All classes and sessions are held in a sacred space that is open, loving and non-judgmental allowing a natural opening and expansion into each individual’s highest potential.   


With genuine warmth and compassion,  Lesa remains dedicated to supporting those that are looking to embrace a more loving way of being  and a healthier lifestyle through self awareness and energetic clearing. 

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