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Lesa Montagna
Spiritual Catalyst and Energy Coach

Hi, I’m Lesa Montagna, a holistic health practitioner certified by Healing Hands School of Holistic Health and the founder of Intuitive Energetics.


My decades-long journey is based on the experiences I had before beginning my energy healing practice. As a survivor of depression, drug addiction, and sexual abuse, I asked myself a question one day, “Is this all there is to life?” This question is what led to the development of a long energy healing journey that began in 1990 and continues to this day.

Mountain Ridge

My Journey as an Energy Coach

The last two decades of my life have been a transformative string of events. It all began when I started learning about different kinds of medicine in 1990. My research led me to meditation, astrology, and massage therapy, among other things.


But it wasn’t until 1999 that I quit my corporate job to start my Reiki training, where I mastered the art of moving energy to change our lives. As a Reiki Master, I taught classes throughout the 2000s.


I also spent many years working with a spiritual teacher who taught me how to access my akashic records to understand my emotions and clear the energy blocks I was carrying from my past. It opened me up to the wonderful possibilities of spiritual energy healing and brought me closer to my true calling: energy coaching.


In 2014, I was given the opportunity to work with a high level of Angelic beings and deepen my experience with the divine consciousness and the healing process; this initiation made it possible for me to upgrade on a regular basis. So I am constantly evolving to offer more insight to my clients.

For the past 23 years, I've been working as an energy coach with clients from all over the world. Many people approach me because they are unable to move on from their past experiences, whether they are physical, emotional, or traumatic. Others look for change or guidance but want to try something other than traditional techniques of counseling or treatment.

How I Can Help

As an empath with the ability to “sense” energy fields, I work with my clients to help them find peace within themselves. I also assist them in opening their akashic records to find their own truths and discover different ways of striking the balance between being a spiritual seeker and surviving in today's fast-paced world.


Some of the primary areas in which I often work with clients include:


  • Adopting a positive mindset.

  • Releasing judgments and negative energy.

  • Healing past wounds.

  • Manifesting your desires into reality.

  • Navigating difficult life challenges.

Holding Hands
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How it Works

Healing is not possible unless you feel safe. And what better way is there to heal than in the comfort of our homes? Thus, I conduct all my personal development and distance healing sessions online, where you have your own space that’s open, loving, and non-judgmental.

Before we begin the remote healing session, I place your picture in front of me to connect with you and tune into your energy. I then help you identify and break through the barriers that hold you back from aligning with your soul's highest nature.

Begin Your Healing Today!

Do you struggle with anxiety, depression, or a feeling of worthlessness? Then energy healing may just be the thing for you. Book a session with me today to experience a healthier lifestyle through self-awareness and energetic healing.

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